“Anna is the best horseback riding teacher in the world.She teaches me a lot in 1 hour. The best place to learn how to ride a horse is with Anna.” – Sydney Kolacki

“Anna is the best teacher ever!” – Makenna

We love Anna!! She is a great teacher, but more importantly she is a great person. She has a passion for the sport and for her students. Anna works extremely hard to build confidence in her young riders. Our daughter always enjoys her time at “the Farm”. I highly recommend Wild Oak Horse Farm!” -Spence Jenkins

“Anna is the best teacher out there. She knows what to do in every lesson. came to her for a better teacher and a better riding opportunity and i sure did achieve my goal. She is a great instructor and knows what to do in case of emergency. Trust me, if you haven’t had a good riding experience somewhere else then register with her because she is the best!!” – Sarah Robertson

“Anna is the best teacher.  She knows exactly what she’s doing, and wont make you do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Anna has three amazing horses that you’ll just fall in love with the second you see and ride them. Anna will teach you how to take good care of the horses, and how to saddle up your horse on your own. She is an amazing teacher, and I am so lucky to have her as one.” – Sarah Cavenaugh

“My name is Chloe Norman. I am 9 years old. I cantered for the first time on March 1, 2014. I was so excited! I love Anna and Jeff at Wild Oak Horse Farm!” – Chloe Norman

” I’ve ridden almost all of my life. but I have learned so much more with Anna then I ever did. She’s an experience teacher who doesn’t over instruct and allows you to find your own rhythm. she’s the best instructor I’ve found in a long time. Because of what she’s taught me I am so much more confident on a horse.” – Ashley A. Kendall

“GREAT teacher! Love this lady and the horses are amazing! What a joy it is to ride with her!” – Sue Crosley

” I am incredibly glad to have found Anna as an instructor for my daughter. She has not only taught her the fundamentals of horseback riding, but has helped increase my daughters confidence overall. Anna is patin and understanding instructor as well as firm, without being overbearing. She offers a lot of knowledge about horses and technique. Anna is a great mentor for anyone looking to learn how to ride horses or improve their skill level. You can tell she has a genuine love for horses. I highly recommend Wild Oak Horse Farm!” – Chris Schmidt

“Great place! I have really enjoyed learning how to ride from Anna and her horses! Anna is a great instructor to learn from and I highly recommend Wild Oak Horse Farm!” -Brooke

“My daughter loved taking riding lessons from Anna. She is older now, but still remembers that time as some of her favorite memories. I highly recommend Anna and her horses!” – Susanna Zumbro

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